Fasting is nothing new. You don’t need to be scared of fasting. Fasting has been used as a religious practice for centuries in all religions.

Fasting often results in forcing the body to use up all the extra fat, sugars, damaged tissues and clean up your body and help in the proper working of all organs, balance the hormones, bring back health and create anti-aging.

Our body is a beautiful machine, it has to be well taken care of. We think we are our body and we do not care what we put into it. Today’s modern lifestyle of the world of fast food and junk food has altered our eating habits and brought dietary disease and inflammation to our body.

We are so disconnected from nature and natural laws that even when the body tells us that certain foods do not agree with us we ignore it.

Unconsciously we use food to fix our problems, we use it as entertainment, we think of food as our comfort , we use food as a kind of therapist to get out of stress.

Food has to be used consciously, food is only for nourishment and health.

Eating/snacking many times a day creates huge problems for the cells of our body. Our cells are backed up and they are not able to process anymore. This creates dis-ease in the body.

The body is a beautiful machine, it uses the glucose from the food we eat for its energy and also stores the remaining glucose as glycogen in our muscles and liver, it also uses fats for energy and proteins for body -building.

The body needs time to process everything and keep it working in a good condition. When we are disconnected and continue to give the body a steady stream of the wrong kinds of food, it results in inflammation and disease.

And then still being disconnected we search for solutions outside and get into medication and chemicals which are against the nature of our body.

When we are consciously connected with our body, and support the body, the body heals and balances itself amazingly.

Fasting is not starving the body, fasting is working with the body to help it heal and have more energy. Intermittent fasting is one of the easiest methods to put the body on fast. 
Simply stop eating after dinner and skip breakfast the next morning. You will have an 8 hour eating window everyday. Take a low carbohydrate, no sugar diet with good fat and protein during the eating window.

When you give a low carbohydrate diet for your body, it forces your body to use up all the stored fat and sugars for its energy, thus balancing itself into health. Research says that if you fast for 17 hours or more your body goes into autophagy, where it eats away all the dead cells, toxins and extra fat and rejuvenates with growth of new cells and tissues. This stops aging. Aging happens because of accumulation of toxins and fat in the tired cells.

Provide your body with at least 8 glasses of water, supplement your body with vitamins, minerals and probiotic support everyday. 
You do not need to do rigorous exercise, just a half hour pleasant walk will be more than enough each day.

Make your mindset that you are in control of how you are going to take care of your body. Listen to your body, and be alert to the signs it gives you. 
Make a mental and emotional decision that food is not entertainment or comfort, it is only for nourishing, to keep you young, energetic and healthy.

There are many books out there about reversing dietary diseases and aging. I would recommend Dr. Jason Fung’s books and his free videos on YouTube.

Remember that you have the power to change whatever is currently not working for you.

Make it a priority to have a conscious connection with your body-being, for it is your vehicle to communicate on this physical planet. 


Premlatha Rajkumar

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