About my journey

Poppy aka Premlatha Rajkumar

My Name is Premlatha Rajkumar (Poppy)

I created this platform to share wellness stories and great healthy recipes with you. 

Wellness begins from making a conscious choice to feeling our best and living our life with wholesome health. . 

Early in 2019, I had developed cataract in both my eyes, my entire body was inflamed, the pain and irritation that I was going through made me depressed. Also my beloved husband had just passed away after going through a fatal illness for 6 years. I was also grieving and I had not taken care of myself properly. It was a very difficult period.

As my cataract was preventing proper vision I had to go in for surgery. It was only when they started taking tests before surgery that I found out that I had developed severe type 2 diabetes, and had to be immediately treated for it. 

The doctors started me on insulin, twice a day. I started putting on weight and was not feeling my best. I was also grieving for the loss of my husband and the diabetes and its accompanying discomfort in my body was creating extreme stress both physically and emotionally. The doctors did not give me any positive idea about my condition, they said that as days go by my diabetes will become worse.

I then decided the one thing that I knew best, I started connecting with my inner being for solution. Clutter cleaning my thoughts everyday with Ho’oponopono practice as taught by Dr.Hew Len. And invested my thoughts and feelings into the idea that a grand solution is available to heal my body completely.

Through my many experiences I have come to know and understand that imagination is the magic for new creation. The reality playing outside is only a past dream. 

Every one of us has access to the world of possibilities through our imagination, we can make the choice to take time to imagine and access possibilities with our feelings, and create a new reality for ourselves.

And so in July 2019 my miracle began.  Information on low carb diet and intermittent fasting appeared through people, messages, videos, and books. Especially the book of Dr. Jason Fung, “The Diabetes Code” made a lot of sense to me.

 I realized that type 2 Diabetes can be completely reversed as long as the kidneys have not been affected yet. Just following simple dietary rules one can help the body get back its health and vitality.

I started listening to Dr. Fung’s podcasts and videos on YouTube, read all the research and information on how to practice a low carb diet and  intermittent fasting.

In August, through the strength and courage given from my inner being, I stopped taking insulin and started intermittent fasting and practiced a low carb diet. My excess weight started dropping steadily, my inflammation disappeared, I was able to walk without help, I felt healthy and young and was immensely grateful for the benevolence of life.

By October 2019 the type 2 diabetes vanished completely, nowadays my fasting sugar stays in the 90s. Recently when I had a blood test for A1c, my sugar level was only 4.9 which is excellent considering my level was a 13.5 in June 2019. It was a most miraculous healing.

Today I am able to walk, exercise, be alert, energetic, able to make good decisions, I am not in the place of fear or depression, and I am able to sleep very well. 

My experiences have led me to understand that we live in a loving, benevolent Universe. It is important to know that what we perceive as reality outside is a past story. We can always invest our time to go within, rewrite with imagination and start feeling in our mind, a new wonderful reality for ourselves. The benevolent Universe matches our feelings at all times. Positive thoughts and emotions matter, positive imagination matters, our positive feelings matter, they help bring heaven on earth.

I share my stories with many of my friends and family and have seen many transform their life. So I realize that if I can do it, you can do it also. It took courage to walk the path of intermittent fasting and low carb diet. Also I explored the many ways of substituting carb and sugar and creating great nutritious and tasty recipes.

In these pages I am sharing my success stories on wellness and great healthy recipes that worked wonders to heal my body.

May you be guided and blessed to take charge and live in your best health the rest of your life! 


Premlatha Rajkumar (Poppy)

 © PRajkumar, 2020 

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