CHOCOLATE COOKIES FOR CHOCOLATE LOVERS – KETO This is a simple delicious recipe, easy to make.  The ingredients are gluten free flour and zero calorie sweeteners. It satisfies your chocolate craving.  INGREDIENTS 1 cup fine blanched almond flour and a tablespoon more 5 tablespoons of butter melted 3 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder 4 tablespoonsContinue reading “CHOCOLATE COOKIES – KETO”


KETO COCONUT BALL DESSERT This recipe is very simple you can enjoy making it with your kids at home.It is Keto, so gluten free, and carb free, delicious dessert for anytime.  INGREDIENTS2 cups unsweetened dessicated coconut ( shredded and dried) it is available in the baking section, you can also get it in the Indian grocery store. Continue reading “KETO COCONUT BALLS”